View Full Version : 16bit Multi-IO card in an XT trick, IDE works

April 10th, 2007, 01:24 PM
Something unusual I would like to report, though I can't seem to replicate it in other systems. (worked on an epson but no an ibm pc)

I took a generic 16 bit mult/io with the floppy parallel, 1 serial and ide built in. remembering my experience with an old pentium with a bad ide port that could be see ide devices using old maxblast utilities I decided to try something similar on the XT.

With an AT IDE drive installed in the xt I get nothing. But using an AT/XT IDE drive I can see that there is a drive there, not that I can do anything to it but there is one detected.

My question is, is there an IDE driver (similar to a scsi driver) that when loaded on startup would let an xt format and use an ide disk in such a way when it has no bios? There must be such utilities as many hard drives come with utilities that detect drives regardless of the bios "seeing" them