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February 20th, 2004, 10:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I have recently been trying to get a copy of the Apple II character set of the Silentype - here's the comp.sys.apple2 post explaining why:

In pursuit of my totally useless goal of recreating a school assignment
I did 20 years ago on (and about) the Apple ][+, I have recently
acquired the NatGeo and Apple in Depth publications I sourced pictures

Next, I plan to recreate the assignment in Apple Writer 1. Now, to round
out the absolutely uselessly nostalgic feel of this thing, I'd like to
recreate the font used by the Apple ][ with the Silentype thermal
printer for reprinting the assignment.

Because I still have the original Silentype printout, I can
(theoretically) recreate a font based on those characters, but, in case
there are any other people out there who would want to use such a font
(and to satisfy the desire to do this as completely as possible), I
would like to incorporate all characters as reproduced by the Silentype
from an Apple ][.

So, I would like, if anyone is able to, to get an Apple ][ printout from
a Silentype scanned. I would want as close to a full character set as

From what I've read in Apple in Depth and on the 'net, I am conjecturing
the character shapes were generated by the Silentype interface card,
rather than being built-in to the printer. If I'm interpreting


correctly, the Silentype's ability to specify individual dots on each
line was utilised by Apple in the following way:

* on the Apple ][, the character set (and other rasterising) was done on
the interface card for native bitmap printing to the Silentype;

* on the Apple ///, that the software-selectable character set was sent
directly to the printer (i.e. the Apple /// did all the rasterising)

Any confirmation of this would be appreciated. It would also confirm I
need an Apple ][ to generate my requested character set, not an Apple

E-mail replies, or newsgroup pointers to anything currently existing
would be very much appreciated.



And here's a follow-up I posted:

In article <sean-4DFC2F.13013606092003@news-server.bigpond.net.au>,
Sean McNamara <sean@macassist.com.au> wrote:

So, I would like, if anyone is able to, to get an Apple ][ printout from
a Silentype scanned. I would want as close to a full character set as

I went ahead last night and made the characters I had used in my
assignment. I can now reduce my want list to the following Apple
][/Silentype characters:

! # % & < > ? @ Q [ ] ^ _ ` { }

If anyone has these from a Silentype, please let me know. I don't need
any others for my project, but I would like to complete the font for the
basic characters.



My ideal would be to get all 256 ASCII characters as printed by the Silentype - not that I expect all 256 characters to have printable characters, but just to make sure I haven't missed any. Once the font is finished, I can make it available in TrueType and PostScript versions.

Not sure if anyone's able to help, but would appreciate any help or suggestions.


March 8th, 2004, 09:08 AM
Don't know what the Silentype font looked like.

If a screen shot showing the original Apple II font will help, you can find one on GSWV at ...


The file is Apple2_OriginalCharacterSet.jpg


March 8th, 2004, 01:51 PM
Hi Rubywand,

Thanks for the tip, but the font is significantly different - from an Apple ][, the font was actually generated on the Silentype interface card, not the computer. The Apple /// had the ability to send different fonts, including, I guess, it's default screen font.