View Full Version : Wanted: DDR SDRAM

April 14th, 2007, 11:58 AM
Ok, boys and girls, here's the story;

Recently got 4 P4/K7 computers through a friend that their IT department were getting rid of.

Of course, they pulled the RAM and HDs out of them and, although the HDs are no problem, I wanted to know if anyone had any PC3200 and PC2700 non-ECC, unregistered 184 pin modules laying around that they wanted to turn into money before I went out and bought some from one of my suppliers. I'm looking, primarily, for 512MB in the PC3200 and 256MB in the PC2700, but, if the price is right, I'll consider anything :)

If you do, PM me with what you're looking at for them and we can work something out.