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Terry Yager
February 23rd, 2004, 12:44 PM
I copied this from the readme file of the WordNet on-line lexicon hosted by Princeton U. (Remember this was written by professional word/language researchers, lexicographers, etc, who probably get paid a lot more than you or I, and presumably are the recipients of a premium education):

2. Contacting Us

WordNet was developed at Princeton University's Cognitive Science
Laboratory by Psychology Professor George Miller. Ongoing development
work and WordNet related projects are done by a small group of
researchers, lexicographers, and systems programmers. Since our
resources are VERY limited, we request that you please confine
correspondence to WordNet topics only. When reporting a problem,
please be as specific as possible, stating the computer platform you
are using, which interface you are using, and the exact error. The
more details you can provide, the more likely it is that you will be
an answer. (Emphasis is mine).

Now that would be funny, if it weren't so scary. These are the people we pay to educate our children...?


P.S. The above is the second funniest thing I have ever read on the net. Funniest thing was something I read in some newsgroup, years ago. The poster began his message with the phrase:

"Me and my wife are recent college graduates..."

That ROFLed me! I couldn't resist writing to ask him if the money he spent on his education was refundable.