View Full Version : Looking for info about existing models related to the GRiD 1660

Caleb Hansberry
November 18th, 2019, 11:50 AM
For some reason I'm interested in the generic laptops that were made by Matsushita for Tandy that were sometimes branded as GRiD. My first laptop was a GRiD 1660. Now I have both a 1660 and a 1660C (which I think is pretty elusive in it's own right) but I really need to get them running - the power supplies in them have a habit of going dead, as well as the floppy drive belts, which I found a replacement for but for whatever reason disks still failed to read.

The 1660 might have been the height of rebranding - it was a Panasonic CF-480 (which I really want to obtain by the way), a Tandy 3830SL, a GRiD 1660, a DECpc, and a Siemens-Nixdorf laptop. There is also a model called the 1680 that adds a PCMCIA port and 486 CPU - is there an equivalent Tandy model? And is a 1680C in existence?