View Full Version : A5 folder of PC, XT, AT related manuals

November 27th, 2019, 11:04 AM
I have the following available, free for the postage cost (U.K. for preference, EU and USA possible). Unpacked weight ~875g.

1) AST SixPakPlus User's Manual
2) Unattributed A386SX/A486SLC Mainboard Manual
3) Great Wall GW-SEGA Super Enhanced Graphics Adapter User's Manual
4) Diamond Flower RAMBANK Memory Expansion Board User's Manual
5) Photocopied Silicon Valley Computer 8-bit IDE Interface Card (ADP50L) Operating Instructions
6) Unattributed PT-606 Super IDE I/O Card User's Manual
7) MIU Automation Corp. Intra-Mach (12MHz 80286) Accelerator Board (for IBM PC, PC/XT and Compatibles) User's Manual

PM me, if there's any interest. It'll be here for a while, but not long into the New Year.