View Full Version : Concession Stand Beta 1.0 / Hotdog Stand Wanabe

May 22nd, 2007, 05:19 PM
OK since I couldnt find that old version of Hotdog stand, whatever it was that I think I remember. I wrote a cude simulation (that needs much work) I wrote it in quickbasic 4.5. I offer to you, source code for your purusal (and hopefully suggestions) in .bas and .txt formats. I also included a precompiled executable for those without a basic interpreter.

Its as simple as I could make it just to see if I was proficient enough to get the idea to function, it needs much polishing. I also wrote with an IBM 5150 in mind, anyone know the highest "SCREEN XX" function that a Mono or CGA card can function at? My IBM 5150 has a VGA card... but I wanted to write with the era in mind. I did eventually want to implement some simple graphics.

Also the logic behind the random choices between foods is skewed, hot or cold beverages seems about right. I have a 1000 possible atendance per game, depending on wheather and temperature, they might want different things.. the beta plays through 3 games.

I also want to implement a high scores function. Maybe a center graphic during the purchase section (which is the only playing area atm)


Suggestions welcomed.


July 15th, 2007, 04:18 PM
80x25 characters

640x200 hires 1 color (black and green, amber or white depending lol).

320x200 4 colors if I recall correctly,.