View Full Version : Does Anyone Know Which GRiD Systems Take This Type of RAM?

April 18th, 2020, 06:39 PM
I was surprised to learn that the GRiD 2260/GRiDPad took this type of memory module, since this is the same type that is used in the GRiD 1755. Does anyone know which models, besides these two, used this RAM module type?


I have a spare one that is low capacity (2 MB) and if someone else in the GRiD community can use it, I don't want to just have it sit and collect dust forever (in fact, I was thinking about just chucking it in my "Crap" pile because I have one that has all the pads full [6 MB]). I'm sure it can be maxed out, with the right memory chips and a steady hand.