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July 16th, 2007, 06:42 PM
If anyone out there has both a MMC64 and an RR-NET can you kindly tell me what I need to start archiving files? My RR-Net was shipped without Contiki, I can't find the correct version on the Internet...little help?

Is the the correct version of Contiki?

Here's a page with software, any suggestions?

My Goal: Back up disk images quickly (100's) to a modern PC via TCP/IP using these pieces of hardware. If I get the answer I will post here.

Bill D

July 19th, 2007, 06:13 PM
Using the MMC64 and RR-Net with Warpcopy

It's not easy to automate the process of archiving C64 / C128 files. I had been experimenting with a lot of labor-intensive methods. I witnesed a method for imaging disks using a Retro Replay and an RR-Net made by Individual Computers. You can sometimes purchase these from Protovision in Germany:

At the time there were no Retro Replays available so I substituted it for a MMC64, also from Individual Computers. The advantage of the MMC64 is that it has a built-in SD card reader. In theory you can download your entire 64 library to an SD card and never use a disk drive again.

If you're interested in how to make archives of C64 disks in about 20 seconds, follow this link:

If you'd like to download a few D64 images to test them and let me know if they work for you, I'd appreciate the help:
...I made these using the tools and techniques described above.

NOTE: D64 is the "zip file" of the C64 world, a diskette image merged into one file. This is necessary to allow copying of non-PC-friendly Commodore file names.

Now I have a little C64 station permanently networked to my PC, and about 2000 more disks to go!

Bill Degnan