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July 21st, 2007, 02:09 PM
Hello All:

I am actually proud to state that I just joined ABUG of Kansas City (Missouri) -- that is a fully functioning and original Apple II Users Group here and we still hold meetings every month (though sometimes missing). You can check them out Kansas City ABUG Website (http://chappellclan.ws/abug/) (http://chappellclan.ws/abug/).

Anyhow, they sent out our newsletter (which is via email) and I thought folks might be interested that Nibble Magazine (one of the premier Mags covering the Apple II series in the 80s) had contacted us and sent the following:

<snippit from newsletter>
Nibble was the premier Apple II software magazine throughout the '80's and I'm
offering the magazines and books libraries on CD and DVD on the site. Please take a
moment to check it out at:

www.nibblemagazine.net (http://www.nibblemagazine.net)

And thanks for your consideration!
Mike Harvey, Founder and Publisher
</end snippit from newsletter>

I hope you all enjoy and of course, Apple II Forever :-D

I know I am going to be downloading a lot from there.

Happy computing to all!

Mike N.