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the xt guy
August 18th, 2007, 11:55 AM
I mentioned in one of my posts, that I had Windows 95 on floppies. Somebody was asking me privately about that, so it got me to thinking...I found years ago on the 'net instructions how to make floppies from a Win 95 CD and so I thought I'd share the information here.

It only works with the full version of Windows not the (3.1 to 95) upgrade CD.

While these instructions applied to Win 95B, I assume it would work with the original (August 1995) version of Windows 95, and probably Windows 95C as well (which I don't think ever came out on floppies).

I wonder if it would work on Windows 98SE (which would need a ridiculous number of floppies, about 78 or so).

Here it is:


This procedure will not work with the upgrade version of W95 because the .cab files are too large. Before you start, check the size of the .cab files and if they are bigger than 1.66 mb, they will not fit. You will need a program that can create DMF format floppies like MaxiDisk (or Winimage) and around 30 floppy disks (for Win 95B). MaxiDisk creates a DMF format on a floppy disk which increases the available space on the disk to 1.7 mb; however, there is overhead involved and the usable space is 1.66 mb.

1. Format disk 1 to a normal (*not* DMF) 1.44 mb format, give it a volume label of "Disk1" and copy these files to it from the CD:

Deltemp.com, Dossetup.bin, Extract.exe, Mini.cab, Precopy1.cab, Readme.txt, Save32.com, Scandisk.exe, Scanprog.exe, Setup.exe, Setup.txt, Smartdrv.exe, Wb16off.exe, Winsetup.bin, Xmsmmgr.exe

2. Format Disk 2 with MaxiDisk, give it a volume label of "Disk2" and copy these files to it from the CD: Precopy2.cab, Win95_02.cab

3. Format the remaining disks with MaxiDisk and set the volume labels as "Disk3" and so on. Copy the remaining cab files to the floppies--Win95_.03.cab goes on Disk 3, Win95_04.cab goes on Disk 4 and so on.

August 18th, 2007, 12:38 PM
People always talk about the "good ol' days". They forget events like "error reading disk 6" during a beloved Win95 upgrade! Those DMF jobbers were a nightmare! I had to call up MS and have the send me a whole set again. Granted, it was either free or like $2 to get the replacements. Least they can do when you get to pay $95 to upgrade everytime you turn around.