View Full Version : Amiga 1200 to PC TCP/IP via serial help plz

September 24th, 2007, 02:10 AM
Hi, I am looking to try to get the A1200 on the internet via Null modem and TCP/IP to a PC that has Win XP and Internet via Ethernet.

I have tried so many ways to get it rolling that I couldn't begin to explain what I have tried. So far tho, I have failed miserably.

The Null connection works great, can connect via Term and Amiga Explorer, and MiamiDX does show garbage characters from the PC side when the connection window pops up (trying to handshake).

But I can't get the PC to get past any Dialing or send/receive of any IP traffic to the Ami.

I did try to google the topic, but kinda ran dry as far as things to try, and noticed most sites show a Win95/98 connection for file sharing and some TCP, but nothing XP.

Any ideas or pointers?