View Full Version : Anyone know anything about a... WDT ORBIT tape punch/verifier?

nige the hippy
November 4th, 2007, 03:18 PM
Hello all,
a chap was selling on ebay a fairly prehistoric keyboard, and quietly also said he was throwing in a probably-incomplete tape punch and reader too. As it was on my way to wales, I put in a little bid and got it. He also sort of threw in a couple of dozen odd boards, and as some said things on them like "quad exclusive or" and just had transistors on, I jumped at!
well it looks like I have snagged an almost complete set of guts for a tape preparation system... (photos to follow) There's a mother board, labeled up for 10 of these boards to slot in (as IC1..10!!, Yes integrated circuits as a whole PCB) but does anyone know exactly what it is, and how it is supposed to look!

Also.... another oddity.... and another thread;)