View Full Version : FS: Via Epia LN10000EG mini-itx mobo

Mike Chambers
November 23rd, 2007, 02:05 PM
well, i was going to make a nice GPS/MP3 car system around this thing but i just don't have the time for it... it's a neat little board to have so i hate getting rid of it but i have no use for it.

in case you don't know, mini-itx is 17cm x 17cm in size and this particular one is fanless. totally silent! works off a standard 20-pin ATX PSU and takes very little wattage-wise.

this board has a Via Eden 1.0 GHz x86-compatible chip... takes one DDR2 RAM stick up to 1 GB, has two SATA2 ports, two EIDE ports, and has basically onboard everything plus one standard PCI slot. TV output also (S-Video and RCA).

i paid $140 for it a few months ago, it's only been turned on maybe 10-15 times, works flawlessly. whenever it hasn't been in use it's been in it's static bag. i've tried linux(debian), windows xp, and windows vista on it and it works perfectly with them all.

comes with driver CD, manual, box, and everything. i am willing to get rid of it for $110 + shipping. if you want a stick of 512 MB DDR2 with it, i'll throw that in for another $10. also have a PicoPSU power supply for it (120 watt version) which is the tiniest ATX power supply you can get. needs a 12 VDC regulated input of at least 3 amps. they're pretty neat, google PicoPSU! they sell for about $60+ new but i'll add this into the deal for another $20. (haven't even used the PSU one single time, i didn't have any suitable power sources for it. so that is still brand new!)

PM me or post here in interested! i'll also consider reasonable offers.