View Full Version : Book Review - Turbo Pascal 3 Reference Manual:

CP/M User
May 18th, 2004, 02:35 AM
A Run though

Well as a fairly important book which would have came complete with Turbo Pascal 3, it has also made it's way to the internet:- http://www.retroarchive.com in the form of a online document.

From what I understand, this manual comes in a few various form. My copy is 386 pages, covers Turbo Pascal 3 for PC-DOS/MS-DOS, CP/M & CP/M-86.

Thoughts on this Book

For the beginner, it's quite good, but for the more advanced user it perhaps lacks, particularly in the support for Inline M/C. Of course an example is used for ALL Operating Systems, & the way they break up the book to relate to each OS is quite good. Having a look at that file called ammendments shows that many mistakes be it into the book, the good news is the ammendments file, which clear things up. But this manual is very essential for anyone who's new to Turbo Pascal, cause before the introduction of the online manual, tutorials & online Norton guides were available, the tutorial I found quite lacking & the Norton guide was blunt (in explaining the samples - but it originally was just a help system).


When dealing with Turbo Pascal 3 code, it's fairly complete with at least one sample in something, e.g. many array's do vary & this book is great at showing those samples. With the introductry of the online manual, all the information for this manual is available off the web. So while Turbo Pascal 3 is a real hoot for CP/M users (in particular), DOS users can only wait until someone does one for Turbo Pascal 5.5 (or find a place to buy the book online - somewhere).