View Full Version : sony data discman

nige the hippy
February 3rd, 2008, 01:44 PM
I've been having a play with my little data-discman. (DD10-BZ)

Anyone who was a "Hitchhiker's Guide" fan will understand why it could be an irresistable, but disappointing acquisition, especially as the only title I can find is the "Pocket Interpreter" disk

Just sharing a couple of discoveries...

You don't have to use the disc caddy to put 8cm cd's in the machine, it's happy if you just pop the disk onto the spindle & close the lid

It doesn't like CDRWs

It is perfectly happy with Memorex CD-Rs (possibly other makes) but get them while you can! because shortly it's going to be a case of turning down a full size CD on the lathe!

I wrote this program in an attempt to start to decode some of the data. it will extract the images from the pocket interpreter's main data file, probably with a bit of tweaking it could do more. (it's using freebasic)

If anyone needs "Pocket Interpreter" I'm pretty sure it's abandonware by now, and likewise if anyone has any more titles they'd like to share, please PM