View Full Version : NEC Versa/50

June 18th, 2004, 02:38 AM
I have been looking all around for documentation for an NEC Versa/50 and can't find any manuals for it online. Does someone have a paper copy? Does it EXIST??? I inherited one from a friend of mine, she said it has a bad screen, but she's not sure what's wrong with it. It seems complete (she's gonna get me the power supply next week) and looks like it's been dropped. Chunk of plastic out of one place near the screen hinge and a crack in the case. Not a killing thing, I hope. I plan to fix it up a bit and give it to my wife's neices in Mexico that have no computer so they can learn on it with maybe win95. I have been told it has a 486DX 50mhz proc, and it has 16mb of ram. I know from experience that it can get online and do a fair job of surfing.


December 10th, 2004, 11:57 AM
Hie!! Try this link....they have a link to support service.