View Full Version : HELP with old 3-BNC cards!

February 18th, 2008, 06:56 AM
Actually two questions..one simple the other esoteric.

My hobby is bringing old workstations back to life...typically HP 9000 series or Apollo workstations.

Most of the later HP's have a standard 15 pin connection so monitors with better than 80khz horizontal and 80hz vertical work...my easy question will the new LCD flat monitors work with these old workstation with those higher working frequencies?

Next question is...esoteric. My old favorites are early HP's with 3BNC "Sync on green" output connectors from the graphics card. they also run at those higher frequencies same as the 715 series. Is there ANY way to build or use an adapter or cable to connect a new generation monitor to those old 3BNC, 80khz horizontal and 80hz vertical, high resolution graphics cards??