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February 18th, 2008, 07:20 AM
I'll list what I have found..please add more to the stack!!

Best general info for old PA-Risc HP workstations:

Best HPUX information resource..not suprisingly its:

Interesting info on Apollo's (Hp bought this way ahead of its time company...a shame. they killed it!)

And you would be amazed what is available for technical data on:

Add some more folks!

February 18th, 2008, 11:48 PM
I drew interest in HP-UX (C320 workstation, i think) and lost it just as fast.
Hated HP-UX, hated the config, hated the display. I tossed that puppy quick.

I DO have a cd image of 11i, and might still have 10.20 (what I had on the


February 19th, 2008, 04:46 AM
I never had any time on a C-Series. I would have been interested in one to see if any of my old applications that were compiled in hpux 9.x and on the PA7000 series machines (Hp720 & 750) would run on those pa8500 machines with hpux 11i.

HPUX is a case of figuring out how to make something that should be easy impossible! My experience was on unix version 7 ... very simplistic and then the hpux thru hpux 9.x versions, Apollo Domain, Sparc stations, and Irix. Unix in general is tough for many simply because it requires the building of so many scripts to configure a machine AND at its core its a command based interface. HP Vue was an early attempt to put a GUI infront of unix..and "sam" a way to put a GUI in front of sys-admin tasks. I still prefer the more simplistic early versions..but they didn't have as sophisticated a networking capability which really is the reason later versions of hpux are so complex.

My current group of systems are a hodge podge of stuff stuck together...and that includes my patch work of HP-UX stuck together from three other systems images. I started with a HP720 with a version 9.something hpux up and running. Then I eBayed a 750 tower that was a server that had images as backup for other systems on the second disk that was still there. They were all custom setup to their unique requirements so the kernals were..off and the configuration files for everything from X setup to Vue setup along with their assumptions of where resources were....all wrong for my systems.

After a few weeks of digging around following the start up failures thru all the start up configuration shell scripts I was able to stick together a working version for my machines! I then eBayed a scsi disk that had yet another image..I didn't know it when I was buying it..but there it was as a bootable disk when I stuck it in my 720 (My first machine). It helped as the "Vue" setup on that suprise disk is what I started with this last week to finally get both a bootable hpux AND vue!

Now I need a working "Desk Top" and the "manual" pages.....so if that 10.20 is complete I would be interested..DON'T throw it away as you did that C series!. I don't know if the hpux 11i will run on my old machines. who knows maybe I stumble onto a junker C-360 series at the dump...actually the two machines I would like to eventually find there are a B-180L and a C-360...as each represents an evolution level in the PA series processors.