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Terry Yager

  1. Just checking in...

    ...from Chigagoland. Still flat on my back, since late March. Condition deteriorated in a hurry when the spinal cord somehow sustained further damage. Can't say much cause the Dragon software still not performing adequately, so I'm typing with a pencil eraser. Latest Dx, "incomplete quadrapelesia/tetrapelesia", so handz about 50% paralyzed, but still a lil' bit usable.

    Just wanted to give y'all a shout-out so's ya know I'm still thinkin about ya. If ya have my number, ...

    Updated July 23rd, 2012 at 12:02 PM by Terry Yager

  2. Just talk like ya always do.

    Well, I finally got around to installing my not-quite-vintage copy of Dragon Point & Speak on this computer last night, then spent all afternoon "training" it to my voice, etc. Thought I'd share the results of my first 'official' test, a reading of a favorite lyric by Mark Bolan.

    This is what I read...

    "The Slider"

    I could never understand
    The wind at all
    Was like a ball of love
    I could never never see
  3. Cover me boys, I'm going in! (Or rant pt. 2)

    It was bad enough when those idjits at Apple saw fit to do it for that draft-dodging hippie, Steve Jobs. I don't really expect them to know any better anyways, and it was just at Apple locations, so they only shamed themselves.
    Now I see that the Governor of The Garden State has ordered that my flag be flown at half staff in 'honor' of some dead Hollyweed junkie. That's just too much! The Commandant of the Guardians of Freedom in The Great State of New Jersey ought to know better than ...

    Updated February 17th, 2012 at 07:21 PM by Terry Yager

  4. So whodahell is this whatever'shername and...

    ...if she's so damn famous, how come I never heard of her before?

    So I tune in the evening "news" (tough to say that with a straight face), to try and get a handle on how long it'll be before we invade Terroristan (again?) with anything heavier than CIA sneakers on the sand, what with embassies blowing up all over the world, but instead of anything resembling hard information, all I get is a bunch of folks (the likes of S. Wonder & Q. Jones!?!), boo-hooing about yet ...
  5. Goodwill trip

    Had some business in Flint today, so we stopped by the thrift store. Nothing much to report, found a new toy robot and another Billy Bass to add to the collection. The Billy is a little different from the others, has on a Sanity Clause hat and sings Jingle Bells, et. al. The real score of the day, a spankin' new pair of Nike Shocks for six bucks (woohoo!). I know they are neither vintage nor computer, but they were designed by or with the assistance of a computer, so that's close enough for me! ...
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