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  1. IBM PC/Server 500 - P390

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    Well I have started fiddling with a PC/Server 500 with P390 mainframe card. It came with a duff VGA card which I replaced and then the fun started. It reports duff RAID config and won't boot. It also refused to read any floppy disks so I couldn't even start to debug.

    Sadly it has a "Media Sense" floppy disk drive so I couldn't try another drive. Fortunately a cleaning disk from E-Bay that arrived yesterday seems to have restored some functionality and I can read many disks,
  2. P390 "Mainframe" Collected

    Well I collected a P390 on Thursday. Its a large (huge) IBM Microchannel server with a RAID controller and IBM Mainframe CPU Card. Also got lots of other bits. Will post some photos here...
  3. IBM Model 11 Card Punch

    Now have it re-assembled after finding the missing bits that had rolled under the desk was fun.. Here is a very short Video on YouTube..

    just need to make a dedicated 100V PSU...
  4. Produced more complex plots on the TR-10

    Well tonight I added an interface lead from the spare contacts on the integrator switch to the plotter. This allows the plotter sweep to be started when the TR-10 is switched out of "Reset" mode.

    Wired up the TR-10 to produce sine and cosine by solving

    dx/dt = y
    dy/dt = -x

    which have the solutions "sine(t)" and cosine(t)". These can be plotted against time to produce a sine wave, or against each other in x/y mode to ...
  5. Attached Pen Plotter to Analog Computer - TR-10

    OK well I now have an old Pen Plotter , analogue of course attached to my TR-10. I was going to post a short video of it plotting negative exponential... But it says its too big, so here is a photo of the output.

    Attachment 22499

    OK Uploaded video to YouTube

    So you can watch...

    Updated January 28th, 2015 at 04:42 PM by g4ugm

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