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Ian's Computer Misadventures.

Most of my stuff works, but for the rest:

Three things are certain,
Death, taxes, and data loss,
Guess which one has occur......(Oh no!)

  1. The 5170 works!

    Finally got this heck of a computer working right.

    The Intel Aboveboard came in last week. I put it in the AT, thinking it was going to be a pretty straightforward setup. But of course it didn't turn out to be that way. Setting up the board (software based) was the hardest part. I thought that the starting address was going to be 1024 and the ending was 2048, since it was going to provide 1mb of extended memory. But I had forgotten to add the existing 640KB to that, so now the starting ...
  2. 5170 is almost working.

    The first pallet of computer stuff is unloaded at E-Waste from a moving truck, and to my suprise, there's a box labeled "AT" on it. So I wondered, "Could there really be a 5170 in there?" I pulled the box off the pallet (And of course it was at the bottom) and opened it. Sure enough, there was a AT in that box. Man was I excited to finally get one.
    Once I got home, I hooked it up, hoped for the best, and flipped the switch. Nothing appears on the screen. My first thoughts ...