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  1. I would like to ask some software Questions about ongoing/continuing support for the

    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    There's a huge difference between "can" and "will" and "has resources to".

    I'd love to. But I can just barely find time to do the things I already do.
    Thats why I am looking for ready-made solutions first. Such as applications from the FreeDOS Community. Or anything else anyone knows about I don't.

    It would be a different story if I had managed to get my hands on SchoolMate Plus! Back in 2012.
  2. Deskmate for Tandy 1000 RL

    Quote Originally Posted by dr.zeissler View Post
    I have a 1000RL/HD, can I use an older Deskmate as the 3.04 ?
    I have seen that there are older Text-Based Versions with nicer Colors and perhaps faster then the GUI Version I currently use.
    Is there a guide how to customize the Deskmate-Stuff. Currently I do not use it, I use GEM1.4 and Win1x/2x but I am not satisfied with Windows because I only can use 4 of the possible 16 Colors.

    There is a driver for Windows 3.0 that lets Windows 3.0 use Tandy Graphics ...