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  1. IBM System/360 and System/370 console button replica inserts

    In case you need some stopgap inserts in a /360 or /370 console, until you find the originals (which I have found is very difficult).
    They pass the 'Six foot Rule' test ie. they look good from 6 feet away.

    Attachment 42404 Attachment 42405

  2. PTAP2DXF - make paper tapes without a punch

    If you have a paper tape reader and no punch, you can now make real working paper tapes using a normal home stencil-cutting machine.
    I've written a small command line utility that can take a .PTAP (or any other binary or textfile) and generate output that these
    machines will cut. that your reader will read.
    Attachment 42216Attachment 42217
    It can easily make repair pieces for existing old broken tapes from any byte offset. In addition it can ...
  3. PDP-Lifter

    Racking an old PDP-11 or its peripherals can take some care, owing to the weight and bulk. The task can be made easier with this simple equipment lifting cart you can build. You can quickly, easily and accurately rack, unrack and move heavy gear with confidence - and possibly save your back as well.

    Attachment 41136 Attachment 41134 Attachment 41137 Attachment 41135

    You'll find more information and complete construction ...
  4. DECals

    A few months ago I experimented with some do-it-yourself decal material I'd bought at a scale model exhibition.
    I'd bought two types of the special paper, one type was the traditional waterslide decal paper in which the image is printed normally as you would look at it, then cut out, dipped in tepid water for 30 seconds and carefully
    slid off onto the receiving surface. This type is the same as you have in a model kit. The other type of decal paper is for printing a reverse image, ...
  5. IBM I/O Selectric terminal interface for a microcomputer, circa 1980

    Back in the late 70s early 80s Dad brought home an IBM I/O Selectric terminal - probably a 2741 or MT/ST I/O Writer, I don't recall - that we planned to use as the terminal for our Fairchild/Mostek F8 development kit board that Dad imported from the USA in 1978. A few of dad's IBM colleagues were also 'into' the F8 and, being the old-school engineers they were, came up with this circuit design.

    Sadly we didn't build it, so I can't tell you if it works. At the time we kids were more ...
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