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Jono's x86 Shinnanigans

  1. Week Off Work

    I took last week as annual leave, and made good use of the time doing a few projects on my old machines. Some succesful, some unifinished, but was an interesting week.

    I recently got a new Sony HD video camera so part of my week off was dedicated to make video guides for YouTube - mostly how to guides. But I found one big flaw in my plan. Everytime I'd make a video, I'd later realise I'd made technical mistakes or used the wrong word. Even when I thought I had my finished product ...
  2. IBM 5160 CGA Upgrade

    Well last week over here in New Zealand, I was finally able to obtain a 5153 CGA display in mint condition, albeit at great discomfort to my wallet. A few months ago I'd aquired a NIB IBM Color Display Adapter - so it was time to do the upgrade.

    I made an effort to make a video, that wasn't completely useless. Which you can view at:

    I still have a lot of learning to do, and need to get a better camera, but it ...