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  1. Raddit123's Avatar
    I've never really thought about this to be honest...

    Smoke detection: one of those alpha radiation ones in the next room.
    Fire extinguisher: none, unless you count running to the nearest sink with a cup.
    First aid: I think I have a tube of Savlon in a draw from when I was at uni?
    Call assistance: I always have my iPhone in my pocket
    Heavy equipment: everything is on ground level.

    Ok, so having reviewed this - not great on my behalf, great post though; a real eye opener! In my defence, if I'm not I'm not in the room, it's not running is my general approach! I had a friend who had p4 computer some one gave him, this was probably around 2008, any way several caps went on the motherboard. Big dent in the side of the case and the room smelt like electrical fire for the next 6 months...