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luvit at sub-16bit

i'm returning to 8-bit computing. i've moved many times in my career and had to painfully get rid of equipment each time.
finally, i lost the remainder of my vintage equipment in a flood during winter 2004/2005. i believe it will be as fun as i remember.
i'll post it here, where it will best promote clicking here to join vintage computer forums
Wanted: a 5161 Extender Card (pc-side), & an Epson FX-1000

  1. Floppy Disk Sleeves

    I bought 100 5.25" floppies.. and didn't want to pay for bland looking generic sleeves or plain white..
    Make your own floppy disk sleeve.. Below, you'll find inkjet friendly floppy disk sleeves to print-out.
    Some are only recommended for laser so the paper won't be saturated with ink.

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    I have discovered that *a few* of these PDFs look grainy when viewed in Google Docs, however they print ...

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