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  1. unidentyfied Board

    I 've got an ISA 8 bit board wich seems to be an EGA Graphic Adapter but I'm not shure.
    On to the Board is printed " W26361-D518-Z4-01-5 BAMAO S26361-D518 GS2. "
    I was looking on Stason.ORG but no identyfication.
    I am almost shure there will be no reply, but hope dies last. Maybe somebody can IdentyfyAttachment 36328Attachment 36329Attachment 36330Attachment 36331Attachment 36332
  2. search 4 Manual

    Hi, I've got an alltronic 486 DX - 2 M-Board. The Jumpers are missing and also the manual. Does somebody can help ?
    Thks in adv. Jo
  3. Asking the mouse buttons

    I am programming in Turbo pascal 3.02 By trial and error I was successful to get the mouse on an off the screen by intr($33), but I am still unable to ask by Interrupt if mousebuttons are pushed. I do not have any documentation about the different funtions on Interupt 51 or hex $33 and the documentation I have the mouse is not mentioned.
    With TP 5 it is no problem using the units DOS; Mouse; ect. But on TP3 it is more difficult.

    Does some Body can help with some hints ? ...
  4. FIC motherboard 486 GVT-2

    I got a 486 M.B. GVT-2. As I tried to start it the board showed nothing, even the post code card didn't, only that there is power.
    I found out that there is a chip missing. That is the GAL 16 V8 B chip. manufacturer Lattice half conductors.

    My question is: Is that chip absolutly necessary or only optional. If necessary, does sombody can help me to obtain that chip?

    BRG Jo
  5. AN87C196KC Micro Controller

    I have an AN87C196KC Micro Controller Manufactored by Rochester electronics in 1988, probably for INTEL to let if anybody is interested.
    I don't know of what use it was

    BRG Joachim
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