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  1. The New Website and Its Coloring *RANT*

    Am I the only person here that actually kind of likes the green and black? It's probably related to the fact that it's the color of my first synthesizer, but that's not my point. I don't really see why everybody hates the new site. It's like the change between Windows 2.0 and 3.0, since almost everything underneath is the same. And the older one was starting to look a little tired(the old color scheme, while not bad by any stretch, is one I've seen on totally abandoned forums, the ones that haven't ...
  2. Happy Back To The Future Day!

    Little piece of odd video format I picked up a while back.
    Attachment 27385
    DOS Version(According to MS-DOS Mobile 1.0):
    Attachment 27384
    It's called a CED, or a Capacitance Electronic Disc. Invented in the 1960s, it had so many delays during release, it didn't get out until 1981, at which point it was already obsolete. It works kind of like a record combined with a VHS tape. And yes to both the $5 price tag and the Sega Game Gear in the back ...
  3. TI-99/4A Testing: Part 0

    This is the first of many posts covering my adventures with my new TI-99/4A. I got this for $5 from my favorite electronics store, EPO(Electronic Parts Outlet). It didn't come with any cables or accessories, but I found I could make my own AV Cable, and I could take it apart and apply power from an ATX PSU. I used a broken keyboard cable and a broken audio cable for the AV cable. I'm not sure if it will work yet, since I can't test it. I haven't taken the unit apart yet, but it should work. If it ...
  4. What defines "vintage", and why running DOS on a netbook is fun!

    I've always wondered what "vintage" really is. I've done tons of research
    and finally found an answer! It turns out that it's not a real time frame,
    but most people consider it to be from around the 1950s to the 1990s,
    though some people extend that until the early-2000s. However, vintage
    really refers to ANY time period. You can even have a 2013 vintage. It would
    be lame, but it got me thinking. If something from only a couple of years ago
    could ...

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  5. Vintage Mutimeter

    Told you I would post it soon. I got this multimeter at an estate sale for $3 IIRC. Here are some photos.Attachment 25414
    The front. You can see the options on the front.
    Attachment 25415
    The inside. It looks to be home made. You can see the 1971 Eveready in the bottom left.
    I'm not sure who made it, but they did a good job.
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