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  1. WiFi232's Evil Clone

    I'll admit it. The idea of the Wifi232 is brilliant and everyone ate it up while someone made a small fortune.

    The problem however is that it contains one of the worst things you can find in a hobbyist community: Greed.
    As awesome as it is, Paul Rickards seems to of gone out of his way to make sure that while you can buy units from him pre-assembled ($50USD + $15 international shipping) or in simple kit form ($33USD + $15 international shipping), you cannot go out and just ...

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  2. Mastervoice ECU (The Butler in a Box Tries again)

    Two years ago I made another blog entry discussing the Mastervoice Butler in a Box.
    As a refresher this was a late 80's product that gave you X10 home automation in a small box with speech recognition and speech synthesis. Overall it looked great on the outside but on the inside it had a number of questionable ...
  3. AT&T Personal Terminal 510A

    Here we go. Another case of Mysterious Hardware from the 80's.
    So in the early 80's while AT&T was cranking out Unix PC's and PC6300 clones one of the neglected corners of their R&D lab decided to build a terminal for the home or the office desk. Obviously they ended up never being a commercially viable product and after a few years of poor sales they were withdrawn and have pretty much vanished from existance. It seems all that remains now are a few scant magazine articles that google ...
  4. Bringing the Model 33 to the 21st Century - Part 10

    ****CLICK HERE FOR PART 9****

    Finally after almost two and a half years of work, 32 lines of code and 12 pages of diagrams it was finished. The first CCU for a model 33 designed exclusively to control a Hayes Smartmodem hidden away inside the stand while looking completely original, being completely modular AND bridging the gap from the early telecommunicating days to the modern era was completed.


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  5. Bringing the Model 33 to the 21st Century - Part 9

    ****CLICK HERE FOR PART 8****

    In the meantime a fellow from out east gave me a shout. He knew that my teletype was using a wooden stand I built myself. By chance he had just bought a basketcase model 33 that he was about to trade away for a better one but the new owner didnít want the stand. A small fee was agreed on and a week later I finally had a proper stand for my teletype. It was grubby and rusty but Iím not complaining and it looked a lot better after it was given a cleaning. ...

    Updated July 1st, 2016 at 01:01 PM by NeXT

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