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  1. Bringing the Model 33 to the 21st Century - Part 3

    ****CLICK HERE FOR PART 2****

    As I was working on mounting the assembly I discovered that the metal block that held the buttons interfered with the selector switch which was a little too deep. Not a lot of amps are pushed through this switch. Barely 2A at worst. While I could not find suitable replacements that gave the nice 90 degree twist either way to set the mode without having contacts rated for about 200ma which was way too low I eventually found a switch with two poles and ...

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  2. Bringing the Model 33 to the 21st Century - Part 2

    ****CLICK HERE FOR PART 1****

    At this point the itch which was the totally basic CCU in this machine was getting to me. The basic model CCU is called the UCC6. It contains nothing but the power supply, selector driver, the power supply for the paper tape reader and a selector switch for either local use of the machine for connection to a host.

    I again ...

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  3. Bringing the Model 33 to the 21st Century - Part 1

    Before the advent of the modern CRT or dot matrix based computer terminals of the 70ís the world of the terminal was almost exclusively in the domain of teletypewriters. Large and heavy electromechanical devices that best resembled a typewriter but with a few modifications that enabled a remote device such as a computer to send it text and receive input from the keyboard or an auxiliary input like a paper tape reader.
    Of all the different makes and models of teletypewriters that were sold, ...

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  4. Recelling, Take Two.

    So as we learned with the TransNote around a year and a half ago (Which I would like to point out, a year after that rebuild, three of the four chinese cells had completely failed and gassed up so along with being rated for the use the cells were defective from the factory), cheap batteries are often not something you can be assured will work out of the mail packet.

    So here I am again with yet another instance where a battery pack is far more economical to rebuild then replace. For ...
  5. Of VTR's and Foam Brushes

    We're now a year shy of Sony's first entrance into the consumer portable video camera market fifty years ago. In 1967 they unveiled the DVC-2400 (Also known with the DVK and VCK models, but otherwise the same thing). A black and white Vidicon pickup video camera with a matching portable tape deck called a Portapak. At $1250 in 60's dollars it wasn't cheap and you could barely call it portable but it was a start and at least it was compatible with their existing line of Video Tape Recorders, like ...

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