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  1. MD Data

    Im a fan of Magneto-optical technology. Im just going to put that out there right now.
    Its a fantastic medium. Its amazingly rugged, it predated the compact disc and as opposed to a CD-R or a floppy I can assure you the data on a MO will still be there 100 years from now. Minidisc is the ultimate and perhaps the last consumer form of the Magneto Optical Disk. By the early 21st century it rapidly fell out of use in favor of WORM tape technologies and larger capacity hard disks. Minidiscs ...
  2. Stuck in the 80's: Mastervoice's Butler in a Box

    Continuing along with the Dicon 9000 we last discussed I would like to now introduce you to home automation for the 80's masses.

    Indeed, the Butler was pretty advanced for its time and (with this article in particular) it got even better. The later but identical looking "Series II" added enhanced support as well as added serial, parallel and modem ports, plus additional external expansions ...

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  3. The Dicon

    Usually I reserve these blogs for computer related projects but here's something that I've been wanting to get off my bench for a while.

    About 10 years I found a rather amazing wireless security system known as the Dicon 9000. The name itself made me feel like it was going to be anything but good.

    It appears to of been available in the late 80's and early 90's and came in a grey ...
  4. Gutted

    I make these blogs and actively maintain a Photobucket account so that people can see my ongoing projects form start to finish and get an idea on how to do it themselves.
    However I can only assume that I've pissed some god off somewhere and not a week will pass where something makes my life miserable. Breakdowns, stolen equipment, payment miscalculations, job loss, organ failure. You name it. Why have ...
  5. IIfx Forever!

    My mission going into this project was to make the machine complete. Not perfect. Just complete. For a period of time I was literally looking at a pile of mac II era hardware for a reasonably good price, like it-all-cost-me-under-$100 good. This was the result of a lot of effort.

    Mac collectors like to cherish some of Apple's most memorable products, ...