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  1. The Marsland Teletype

    Normally when I expect a piece of equipment to be rebranded it's just a faceplate swap but then we learn something every day.
    So for years like most other computer folk I've been keeping my eyes out for a Model 33 Teletype machine. I've seen them in museums and I've even seen Paul Allen's machine but it seems that for something like the model 33 where 600000 were made they were elusive. Eventually I grew optimistic enough and when I got my LA120 the best I could pull off was an optical tape ...
  2. The AppleFile

    I wanted a hard drive for my Apple IIe. Floppies both take up a lot of space and are slow plus these days you can hang a hard drive about almost anything. There were fortunately a few hard disk devices for the ProDOS based Apple IIe.
    Unfortunately they're all grossly expensive either because they are scarce (that would be your ProFile) or due to either few being built or price flipping (that would be your CFFA).
    About a year and a half ago I came across the Apple Sandwich II SCSI card ...

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  3. Restoring a TransNote

    The TransNote is another one of those weird IBM devices I wanted to try out. Unlike my PC110 or 850 however this time I had a legit reason to get one. My university has a loophole regarding electronics in class. Laptops and cellphones are....not really allowed. Theere however was an exception for "education-exclusive computers and learning aids". I supplied the specs for the TransNote to the computer lab and they gave it the OK. So bI went ahead and on a government grant bought myself ...
  4. Camcorder CRT's aren't rocket science.

    The tiny CRT in a consumer camcorder is a fantastic piece of work. I also feel they are the most unexploited video displays you can get your hands on.

    I always wanted to make use of the things but assumed that there was a bit more going on that you would expect. I was wrong. Give it power, give it video and it's okay. As ...
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