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  1. Brainlessness and bits...

    Last 'weekend' I had to get a PET scan done so I stopped first to visit w/ the older brother...
    and left BOTH my USB sticks at his place.

    ... and the smaller of the two is where ALL my memory-board work has/is been/being done.


    I have to wait for him to send them to me...

    I have made some progress on reading the BIOS and intend to attempt a drive-table modification for 'reasonably-sized' drives...

    Will see ...

    Updated June 5th, 2010 at 12:21 AM by leeb

  2. I just cannot believe THIS!!!

    I was able to install WINDOWS 3.0
    ON THE 1500HD!!!

    It is only CGA and slugs thru it, but it RUNS!!

    Didnt know 3.0 would run on an XT... but the V20 DOES supposedly have some of the 286 ops...

    Anyway, I doubt I'll keep it there as it sucks up alot of the little 20megger, but it is interesting to 'see'!
  3. When all else fails, READ THE BOOK!

    That is, after you find it!

    The user manual for the 1500 clearly states that it does nothing unless it is charging or is fully charged, meaning yellow or green.

    So it does NOT blink when the battery is removed while on the power supply. That's a relief!

    And I like it that way. Wish the 1800 and 2810 could be taught NOT to blink... but for now, I'll be happy to get them working RIGHT!

    The only issue remaining then, is the question ...
  4. Something OLD... something new...

    As in learned knowledge...

    Today I learned that the 1500 may have a problem in the charging/power circuit(s)...
    While 'playing' with the 'broken' 1800 I noticed that w/o the battery contacts connected the charge light BLINKED yellow when it would normally sit SOLID yellow while charging. I presumed that it was due to a flaw in the system board, considering the battery-acid damage.
    The 2810 arrived today and did the exact same thing with the battery removed. The (impeccable) ...

    Updated May 13th, 2010 at 12:17 AM by leeb

  5. EVER-so pleased!

    To announce that I have FINALLY acquired (thru ebay) my 2810HD

    AFAIK it is 'mostly' a duplicate of the 1800, with a few 'additions':
    1) External VGA port,
    2) External KBD port (PS/2-type),
    3) 4 Mb (4x1mb-30p SIMM) expandable memory (which I already have ),
    Shows how bad the ole memory is here! (See new post!)
    4) ... 16Mhz CPU (If I recall correctly).

    With any luck, it will be able to 'guide' me thru the work on the 1800! ...

    Updated May 13th, 2010 at 12:20 AM by leeb

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