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  1. Installing and running Kermit under CP/M on a Northstar Advantage


    Following are my notes explaining how to install Kermit from scratch, using a PC running Windows.

    The Advantage must have a serial (or SIO) board fitted, set up with the default DIL configuration headers (one sets port as a modem, other sets async mode).

    The Advantage has 6 slots for I/O boards, numbered from 1 (nearest to floppy) to 6. The default assignments in Advantage CP/M for serial devices are:

    LST: - board in slot 1, 9600 baud ...

    Updated December 27th, 2014 at 02:50 PM by 1980s_john (Added Set Binary mode)

  2. Microwriter MW4 notes

    I'm in the process of working on three of these, bought over a couple years on eBay. There is a description of the MW4 on the Wiki page, which I will add to once I have made enough progress.

    First thing was none of the units came with power supplies, they run off 4 NiCd cells (20mm x 40mm each), via a drop down resistor. I am using a 9V regulated supply, and later on will try out some unregulated ones. Once charged the NiCds hold the voltage to around 5.6V (4 x 1.4V).