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  1. goodies

    so the mail person brought me a box of goodies

    incase u cant tell thats replacement boards for the light panel and the switch panel for the 8i thank you Vince Slyngstad for making them

    and i stumbled on this on the local kijiji (similar to craigs list)

    witch is a Sanyo Denki 1402-B2 with a ...
  2. test print

    so for the hell of it i did crapy 3d test print on the hackerpsace cheapy 3d printer of vince slyngstad 3d model of the 8i switch
    sept his model is scaled wrong so took some wild guesing to find the right size first was 10% bigger aaa to somall did a 100x biger wow insane on the screen so did some guesing on the imperial metric thing and came up with 25.4 sept still slightly smaller guesing 25.5x bigger will nail it

    anyway hes it is in it unholy mess

  3. little sunday desoldering

    so spent most of my sunday sofar striping the switch bits off this broken switch panel from the crushed 8i.

    theres more stuff then this like a storage bin of broken cards a box of card the core memory taken apart ...
  4. sad find update: what to do with a smashed pdp 8i hmm sculpture?

    so now the beginings of a sculpture are happening.
    i dont want this stuff sitting in a dump i dont want it sitting in a box

    so now i begin to do somthing with the bits in the box.
    (the switches are not part of this got other ideas for those post more latter on that)

    anyhow i know its sad its come to this but at least its not in a feild anymore or in the dump.

    alas alas it be so sad
    to sad to say
    so sad indeed
    these ...
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  5. sad find

    not to long ago i litteraly walking onto a pdp8i and nearly blue a gasket
    when i found it. :'(
    its pritty mangled the back planes in a million peacs some of the cards survived but will need work

    did get some unobtainium switches for it and a 8m still gotta go back and do more archeology on the area where i found this stuff

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