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  1. RWallmow's Avatar
    I was able to fit a belkin 802.11g USB stick (out of its plastic casing) in one of these for a friend, she had the w200 module though so that cover has more clearance. Even a working w200 is worth ripping apart, they have dreadful support and in anything past win98 cause almost constant BSOD.
  2. lutiana's Avatar
    I don't think I will be able to cram a wireless card under the standard cover. I may need to try and get a broken W200, gut it and mount an adapter under neath it.
  3. GanjaTron's Avatar
    Neat! Currently posting this from my 410c via cumbersome PC-card WiFi adapter, even though I have the W200, which of course doesn't support WPA. Looking forward to hearing about your choice of USB WiFi, since there really isn't a lot of space under that lid.