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Rewiring My Brain

This rambling narrative will follow my attempts to remake the connections in my Brain that were damaged by a series of small strokes(TIAs)in 2006.

  1. Tablet PCs Everthing Old is New Again!!

    Well after some more "events" in December,I've regained some of my desire to Blog.OK,so be it!
    I'd like to talk about the evolution of the Tablet PCs.Sadly I don't own all that many anymore and I am having some difficulty remembering specific details.At any rate,lets begin....
    The earliest one I can recall would be a(drum Roll)......
    Dauphin,but I'm pretty sure Grid was also a Tablet maker.(Most likely a "Convertible" formfactor.)IBM had the 700 series with ...
  2. Sorta Back in Action

    (Sigh)It's been awhile since I was able to get online and do a "Blog" entry.Suffice to say,I have survived my Brain's worst and have bounced back in about 85% of my former self.With luck the other 15% will be along presently.That's the point of this activity after all.
    Currently I have a Zenith SuperSport sitting on the workbench beckoning me to attempt it's resurrection.Under the bench is another one in pieces.I'll remember how to put it back together as I disassemble the new one.(Ha!Heck ...
  3. Back From Purgatory

    Well,it's been awhile since I was able to do more than just look at this Site.I must say that as much as things change,they stay the same....We still are all about the old PCs,their lore and equipment.
    My Medical issues have had me "Sidelined" for quite awhile,but some new Meds and treatments have returned me from the "Purgatory" of "Semi-Functionality" to what will pass for my best efforts.
    I really have missed this place!!!!It was a beacon for me during ...
  4. The BEST!

    I think all of those of us who are fans of "Obsolete Tech" have had a moment when all that is right and correct with the world has come to pass.An epiphany of function and purpose that has transcended the norm.
    Such an event has take place for me a few times.They are events that(For whatever reason)have stuck in my memory of a "Shining Golden Moment".
    I once undertook to rewire a Zenith 286 MB so that it could use non "Biosed" Hard Drives.There were 4 ...
  5. Collecting 1

    With so many kinds of "Vintage PCs" to choose from.How then to select a focus?What to concentrate your efforts on?It's a question that just about any hobbyist has to face.There is just SO many things to get,that unless you have unlimited funds and a Warehouse for storage,just HAS to be faced.
    For me,I guess the whole thing broke down into a couple of basic groups.I've always admired the form factor of the AIO(All in One)PCs.My space is limited to a small bedroom,so I just could ...
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