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  1. IBM Fixed Disk and Diskette Drive Adapter For 5170

    Quote Originally Posted by lutiana View Post
    Is that an MFM controller? If so I can dig through my small collection of the things and send you one or two that may or may not work for the cost of shipping if it helps.
    Yes itís an MFM controller that also had the floppy controller built into it.
    That would be great if you had one.
  2. Zip 100 Problems on IBM PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Compgeke View Post
    Try using the palmzip driver, I believe the actual Iomega driver requires a 286 or newer. Using Compaq DOS 3.30 should allow you to use all 100 MB of the Zip drive, rather than 30 or so MB.
    I think I have heard of people running it on a v20, but I don't have one so never tried.
    Pretty sure palmzip can see all 100mb but it takes forever to calc the free space after a dir, so it's faster if you use the utilities to partition it.