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  1. Going full circle

    This Christmas holiday (I took a whole week off to visit family back home), my brother in law gave me his old Tandy 1000 HX.
    This was pretty significant to me because it was on a Christmas may years ago that I got my 1000 HX, my first pc-compatible. It replaced the MC-10 I had.
    After getting my new system home and starting it up for the first time, I began to realize that I never knew just how good I had it with the HX.

    It came with enough software in Deskmate to ...
  2. Build your own homebrew computer!

    Are you interested in building your own homebrew computer from scratch? I think a lot of vintage computer hobbyists have considered designing and building their own computer at some point. There are many projects scattered about on the internet in varying states of completion. I believe many hobbyists have harbored dreams of building their own homebrew computer for a long time just looking for their opportunity.

    My own personal quest for a homebrew computer started out small but ...
  3. LOL BORG ^_&

  4. A Poem

    Quote Originally Posted by CP/M User View Post
    "Terry Yager" wrote:

    > Oh, KEWL! A poetry thread. Here's one of my
    > favorites, written by Richard Brautigan:

    > "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving
    > Grace" (1967)

    > I like to think (and
    > the sooner the better!)
    > of a cybernetic meadow
    > where mammals and computers
    > live together in mutually
    > programming harmony
    > like pure water
  5. beginner

    Hi all

    just recently I decided to collect old original software starting of with dos through to Windows.have so far collected.

    dos3, dos4,win3.1, win95, win98, win NT, win2000, win ME, win XP, win Vista, win 7 all are full instalation have some updates as well
    all of these are sealed and in mint condition.

    looking to add to my collection any software .