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  1. Remembering the Commodore Amiga

    Commodore made huge marketing and development errors that led them to bankruptcy.
    Maybe today, if Jack Tramiel had not left the company, things could be different.
    These were my thoughts about it:

  2. I now have an Analog Computer - EAI PACE TR-10

    Quote Originally Posted by g4ugm View Post
    Well after bidding a ridiculous amount on a PACE EAI TR-10 computer on E-Bay while on holiday in Spain, I have now returned and collected it from its owner. Pictures from E-Bay attached....

    Attachment 21508Attachment 21509
  3. Allocating RAM with int 21h- A guide to MZ gotchas

    Quote Originally Posted by wrljet View Post

    When any program in DOS gets control, it has all of memory allocated to it. You need to free the memory beyond the end of your program with INT 21h/AH=4Ah, before you can allocate anything more (other than from UMBs) with INT 21/AH=48h.

    	mov	segPSP,es		; Save segment of PSP
    ; Free extra memory
    	mov	ax,ds			; Segment of DGROUP
    	lea	bx,ZTAIL+@STKSIZE+15	; Size of DGROUP, rounded up to para

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  4. You get what you pay for

    Right, about that TransNote.

    When I got it the battery sucked. Being the original battery it was in no mood to see life beyond five minutes. Unlike almost all the other Thinkpads made after 2000 however the battery for the TransNote never saw enough demand for chinese batteries to surface on ebay so at best all you can find are other dead batteries or NOS batteries on Amazon which I wouldn't hold hope for being all that good. My first great idea was to send the battery in for a rebuild ...
  5. Component Recording Video - The LVR-5000

    It's a wet dream for anyone who loves laserdisc that you could record your own discs with whatever you want. The sad fact is that it currently is and always was impossible. While this does not mean that single-run discs could be recorded and in the 80's if you had the money you could have custom discs made for you but the equipment required to do so was so large, heavy and expensive that very few companies could actually do this and according to google, none of this equipment still exists. All that ...

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