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  1. Reading paper tapes from scratch

    I've wanted a paper tape reader for my machines for years. No joke. Even way back in highschool I was in the machine shop trying to mill parts for a reader but I never managed to build a working unit. Really if you are a sensible person you can buy a reader but get ready to dig deep. In some cases you better be prepared to pay $100 just for part of the optic block. Googling around you will find quite a few hobbyist grade readers and there's a lot of old articles from back in the early microcomputer ...
  2. Floppy Disk Sleeves

    I bought 100 5.25" floppies.. and didn't want to pay for bland looking generic sleeves or plain white..
    Make your own floppy disk sleeve.. Below, you'll find inkjet friendly floppy disk sleeves to print-out.
    Some are only recommended for laser so the paper won't be saturated with ink.

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    I have discovered that *a few* of these PDFs look grainy when viewed in Google Docs, however they print ...

    Updated April 7th, 2014 at 02:43 PM by luvit

  3. Crazy Computer Weekend.....

    Got 2 machines on the bench modern-ish, one retro......

    My Wife's Dell Dimension 4600, which I'm rebuilding with Windows 7 x86 for her birthday with the new licence I purchased. SHe's had this computer since 2003, the darned thing just won't die, and with good's the list of issues it had at the start of the weekend....

    - won't "rewind" on XFINITY or Netflix videos (locks up machine)
    - grinding 20GB PATA HDD, I would lie awake ...
  4. my XT 5160 arrived today

    so, thee XT arrived today. pretty good shape.. too good, really.. the interior is way too clean.. very little dust trapped in front of chassis grill holes (the black round holes).
    i took some pics after wiping it down pretty good.. I'm really satisfied with the exterior condition.
    I can't fire it up until the remainder of my parts arrive.
    it has the 256K motherboard, but the cards appear to have lots of RAM.. i may setup an ESD station and pull-out the cards to see if I ...

    Updated March 16th, 2014 at 08:17 AM by luvit

  5. my 5160.. on it's way

    Here are pics and description of the XT 5160 I claimed on Fri, Feb 21. -- It should arrive this week.
    No monitor or keyboard. It was mis-advertised as a 5151.
    It had two hard drive face plates, so i'm gambling that it *may* have 2 hard drives.. lol.

    The description was:
    IBM 5151 without monitor. 14 Day Guarantee.
    Unable to fully test without monitor, but powers up and sounds post chime
    Works only with IBM 5151 12" transistor–transistor logic

    Updated March 16th, 2014 at 08:18 AM by luvit