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  1. EOL (End of Life)

    EOL is the death sentence that PCs get when they have served their useful lives out.(IE:Tax Depreciation)It is a blessing and a curse to all of us who cherish the older PCs.When a PC hits the EOL it is then shipped off to a Recycler for it's last hurrah.If we are lucky,the recycler is like the forum member "Midwest" and the PC is given a chance for survival and reuse.If unlucky,then it's reduced to it's base metals....
    That is sorta good in a way.Those that survive will now be a ...
  2. About collecting computers

    This week I finally realized that telling people I'm interested in old computers (no matter what their age is) will get me some free stuff.

    For the first time in my life I was offered a computer, maybe it's because of my age, maybe it's the country I live in, but I always thought this to be impossible.

    As so, I'm happy to see that here people also have old computers in their homes and after all it is possible to get something for free.
  3. FAIL! Next time, order BUILT and TESTED

    This is more about my stupid fails than my epic wins. I've talked alot about the great things I've done computer-wise, but I guess I'll start here.

    I build guitars, I should be better at wiring than I apparently am, but I stupidly screwed up on the XT-IDE card and put RR1 UPSIDE DOWN! ARGH! That seems to be the whole reason the modified XT I'm running would not boot when I flipped on the power switch the first couple of times. Instead, I was greeted with colorful screens. Took ...
  4. A list of all the machines I've had (in probably chronological order)......

    The guitar forums make posts about guitars like this, figured I'd post my list of hardware I have/had....either way to kill time while a backup at work takes hours.

    Tandy 1000 SX - First computer
    Flight 386 SX
    GEM (386)
    Kat's old Frankenputer (AMD 5x86 PR-75)
    Packard Bell Legend 843+
    IBM PS/Valuepoint (Cyrix DX2/66)
    IBM PS/Valuepoint 425SX
    IBM PS/2 Model 70
    IBM Ps/2 Model 30 286
    Twinhead SlimNote 433DX/s - Laptop
    Twinhead SlimNote ...

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  5. People who'd throw out hardware if they can't make a profit

    I think this post is a +5 insightful. This guy has gone half-way into the selling paradigm in order to balance the question of what to do with extra vintage hardware if you must ship it out. I have the same questions myself that I am going through right now.

    for context: the mac seller had a high price on a computer in a window and would not reduce it. After a long period of not selling it was seen in the dumpster in the back. The owner refused to let anyone take it for free when ...

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