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  1. WolfChild [1992, Amiga / SNES] Review - It's a Pixel THING

    From the creative mind of Simon Phipps, the designer of Rick Dangerous, came, in 1992, WolfChild, a frenetic action platformer with super detailed graphics and pretty cool music from Martin Iveson, creator of the original Tomb Raider musical score:

    WolfChild [1992, Amiga / SNES] Review - It's a Pixel THING:
  2. Epson Equity II Pt. 2

    Now comes the first major issue with this machine. In order to reach the motherboard you have to COMPLETELY dismantle the computer. There's almost a dozen screws and three or four parts of the frame, not to mention drives, cards, the power supply and some cables but once that's all pulled away you're treated to a rather densely populated board.


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  3. Epson Equity II Pt. 1

    Outside of the Olivetti M24 and its OEM's I'm generally not fascinated with PC clones because well, they're clones. There's three or four varying layouts and basically the same ISA cards, all of which coming out of what was then the clone powerhouse of Taiwan. Even the 5150 is not much too oogle over besides it's IBM. You have one, you have them all.
    However once and a while a ...

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  4. I now have an Analog Computer - EAI PACE TR-10

    Quote Originally Posted by g4ugm View Post
    More progress. Now have an extender card made from aTandy/Radio Shack Proto card, an edge connector I got from E-Bay and a kitchen chopping board from our local super market. Sorry about the soldering.Attachment 21787
  5. 10 Must Have PS2 Games - It's a Pixel THING

    Here's 10 PlayStation 2 titles that should belong on the shelves of every video game collector:

    10 Must Have PS2 Games - It's a Pixel THING: