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  1. LOL BORG ^_&

  2. A Poem

    Quote Originally Posted by CP/M User View Post
    "Terry Yager" wrote:

    > Oh, KEWL! A poetry thread. Here's one of my
    > favorites, written by Richard Brautigan:

    > "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving
    > Grace" (1967)

    > I like to think (and
    > the sooner the better!)
    > of a cybernetic meadow
    > where mammals and computers
    > live together in mutually
    > programming harmony
    > like pure water
  3. beginner

    Hi all

    just recently I decided to collect old original software starting of with dos through to Windows.have so far collected.

    dos3, dos4,win3.1, win95, win98, win NT, win2000, win ME, win XP, win Vista, win 7 all are full instalation have some updates as well
    all of these are sealed and in mint condition.

    looking to add to my collection any software .

  4. Now What?

    Awhile back I decided to try to relearn Basic.I had gained the knowledge in the 1970s,so in theory,it should still be available for recall.(I do remember a lot of pre-1996 stuff)So,full of enthusiasm I set out to get some books on the subject,a really basic PC to practice on(Thanks,Tandy 100!)and some advice from other Forum members.These seemed all the right steps.Little did I know what my next discovery about corroded pathways would reveal.
    I picked a Basic Tutorial with examples to begin.It ...
  5. A blog? Gosh

    What, there is a blog here now? You people. Nice present.
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