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  1. The BEST!

    I think all of those of us who are fans of "Obsolete Tech" have had a moment when all that is right and correct with the world has come to pass.An epiphany of function and purpose that has transcended the norm.
    Such an event has take place for me a few times.They are events that(For whatever reason)have stuck in my memory of a "Shining Golden Moment".
    I once undertook to rewire a Zenith 286 MB so that it could use non "Biosed" Hard Drives.There were 4 ...
  2. Test and Trials of Vintage Laptops

    AWESOME! I just downloaded some Windows 95 floppies (14 of them. I have a CD, but no drive in the laptop in question) for my Canon Notejet 486 laptop. Got it installed (the disks are preregistered to someone who worked at McDonalds), and grabbed my PCMCIA wireless NIC and driver disk. Came back, plugged it in, and loaded up the drivers, only to remember (duh) that I have to get the PCMCIA controller drivers installed first. d'oh! Well, the generic WIndows 95 drivers didn't work, and neither did ...
  3. Collecting 1

    With so many kinds of "Vintage PCs" to choose from.How then to select a focus?What to concentrate your efforts on?It's a question that just about any hobbyist has to face.There is just SO many things to get,that unless you have unlimited funds and a Warehouse for storage,just HAS to be faced.
    For me,I guess the whole thing broke down into a couple of basic groups.I've always admired the form factor of the AIO(All in One)PCs.My space is limited to a small bedroom,so I just could ...
  4. Thanks very much! It is just match to Japanese.

    Quote Originally Posted by fs5500 View Post
    Thanks very much!

    It is just match to Japanese PC-6001.
    That means PC-6001A VDG is same as PC-6001.

    VDG : M5C6847P-1 ( Mitsubishi, compatible with Motorola MC6847 )

    The font is nearly same as MC6847's PAL square font except (*).
  5. Graphite powder for noisy fans

    EDIT: Google failed me. Graphite powder conducts electricity so a leak could mean a short circuit in your computer. High temperature grease is better. See this forum thread:


    Google "graphite powder cpu fan". It worked great for my noisy laptop fan. I have some extra tips however. Don't use too much graphite powder. I ...

    Updated July 18th, 2010 at 07:13 PM by sombunall