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  1. Not really HW but Compaq Slotted/Torx Dual Drive Screws

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord View Post

    Your link isn't working. I think if you want to get real technical they maybe considered "Low Socket Head Cap" as they are flatter then the normal Socket Head Cap screws. If you look at this picture:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    there are two socket head caps. These screws are more like DIN6912 vs DIN912. Not sure if it looks like a cheese wheel but I guess it could . TIA!
    Measure the head. If it's around .138 tall, ...
  2. Atex PDP-11/34

    If you have an oscilloscope, that would give you a lot of flexibility in problem solving. If not, can you get ahold of some type of RS-232 breakout box with LED indicators, or something like I bought years ago RS-232 CHECK TESTER, that could work to determine if there was some signal activity on a port. The only problem would be if the amount of data being written to the port was small, you might need a slow motion video to detect the LEDs blinking
  3. Pericom terminal restoration

    Quote Originally Posted by zippysticks View Post
    So I bought this non working Pericom terminal which won't power up (shorted smoothing capacitors and burned out bridge rectifier) and also has a pretty 'terminal' case of screen 'cataracts'.

    Have the rectifier and capacitors on order so decided to tackle the screen problem. This is caused by the ageing of the 'glue' that bonds a layer of protective glass to the CRT. It becomes opaque and starts to bubble - usually around the edges.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Depotting an 80's MCU from Ford...for AMC

    Mention fuel and emissions control to people who lived through the 70's and early 80's with a car and for some reason the music of CCR and the sound of helicopters start going through their heads as if the Malaise Era was as traumatic to them as Vietnam might of been.
    Basically in that period the ability to run an engine loud and rich was being clamped down on to deal with smog and fuel shortages. Initially it was devices such as anemic carburetors, smog pumps, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation ...

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  5. I would like to ask some software Questions about ongoing/continuing support for the

    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    There's a huge difference between "can" and "will" and "has resources to".

    I'd love to. But I can just barely find time to do the things I already do.
    Thats why I am looking for ready-made solutions first. Such as applications from the FreeDOS Community. Or anything else anyone knows about I don't.

    It would be a different story if I had managed to get my hands on SchoolMate Plus! Back in 2012.
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