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  1. The Ultimate 486 is back up and running.....

    Thanks to a board from Jokester, I got that old crazy AT up and running again 2 days ago, and did some final tweaks this morning, it's running better than ever, might be time to try some modern O/S experiments with it soon.....

    CHASSIS: CAT Computers branded Kingspao Model 35 Desktop Baby AT Chassis
    PSU: 350 Watt AT PSU (and I need every last drop since I'm driving five drives and seven cards in this PC)
    BOARD: FIC 486-PVT, AWARD BIOS, Socket 3, ...
  2. Recovering from obsolete MSBACKUP .qic file

    I've just rebuilt a 486-DX machine to replicate the family PC we had from '94 to about 2000 when it was scrapped.

    Part of the reason was purely sentimental - to restore the snapshot of family games, documents, and MIDI-based music that had fascinated the kids at that time. I knew I had backed up the old machine before updating to a fabulously fast Pentium 266.

    Welcome to Format Follies in a world of non-standard planned obsolescence - thanks Microsoft and friends. ...
  3. Cool looking vintage computer cases

  4. Camcorder CRT's aren't rocket science.

    The tiny CRT in a consumer camcorder is a fantastic piece of work. I also feel they are the most unexploited video displays you can get your hands on.

    I always wanted to make use of the things but assumed that there was a bit more going on that you would expect. I was wrong. Give it power, give it video and it's okay. As ...
  5. GoTek 1.44M 3.5" Floppy Emulator Tear-down

    On a whim, I picked up a GoTek 3.5" 1.44M floppy emulator from eBay for just under USD$29 shipped.

    It arrived in a padded mailing envelope with a "China Post" shipping label. Inside, inside of a plastic bag was a "mini" CD and the GoTek unit with a couple of mounting screws.

    Here's a top view of the GoTek next to a traditional (NEC) 3.5" 1.44M drive:

    Attachment 11542

    Here's what the front looks ...
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