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  1. GoTek Floppy Emulator, Part II - Operation

    Okay, time to test this thing and see what's up.

    As mentioned earlier, this thing comes with a mini-CD--but don't expect much. You get English and Chinese versions of the somewhat cryptic manual and a couple of software programs in RAR archives.

    No installation routines; you have to figure that out all by yourself. No wonder they don't sell many of these.

    The format is fixed at 18 512-byte sectors per track on 80 tracks, with sectors numbered from 1 to ...
  2. GoTek Floppy Emulator, Part III - Try to crack the nut, first try

    So what's in the firmware for this thing? I can guess, based on the operation--and having done one myself, but it'd be nice to get the firmware from the unit itself.

    So, there's that header near the power pins that I was talking about. I've identified the connections to the MCU USART and noted from that there's a serial boot utility that's present in the chip. All that's needed is a level converter for 3.3V logic to RS232C and a terminal emulator running on a PC (I really like ...

    Updated January 17th, 2013 at 12:37 AM by Chuck(G)

  3. Soroc Terminal - Part 2. Remapping a non-standard keyboard to PC

    The Soroc keyboard is a sturdy, metal-sprung passive keyswitch array soldered directly onto a PCB, with all traces terminating at a 24pin header joined by a 24-pin strap to the original motherboard. Pin 24 is not used, so there is a matrix of 8 rows by 15 columns. The Soroc polled these matrix lines and delivered internal switch codes to its terminal and display logic.

    The re-created terminal would bypass all that logic and instead mate the switch matrix with a PS/2 controller. ...
  4. The AppleFile

    I wanted a hard drive for my Apple IIe. Floppies both take up a lot of space and are slow plus these days you can hang a hard drive about almost anything. There were fortunately a few hard disk devices for the ProDOS based Apple IIe.
    Unfortunately they're all grossly expensive either because they are scarce (that would be your ProFile) or due to either few being built or price flipping (that would be your CFFA).
    About a year and a half ago I came across the Apple Sandwich II SCSI card ...

    Updated July 22nd, 2013 at 06:37 PM by NeXT

  5. Personal Terminals from Both Sides of the Pond

    I've always like the idea that in "the modern home" there would be a terminal either on the kitchen counter or in the den that you would turn on and access a wealth of information in the form of text and graphics made from manipulation of the ASCII table. Today this idea is essentially obsolete as the cellphone can handle every task that a terminal would, plus it is not tied to the wall.
    France in particular ran the extremely successful Minitel network which did exactly this and ...
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