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  1. Improvising a power supply for a DEC VT100 serial terminal

    The DEC VT100 terminal has an early switch-mode power supply unit that contains some proprietary or rare components that are hard to replace. In my 1981-built VT100, the primary winding of the main transformer seems to have failed, and finding an exact replacement would be near to impossible. Rather than trying to substitute for the failed component, I decided to build a replacement based on a common AT/ATX PSU.

    I found an ATX PSU with a small form factor. A single Disk Drive power ...
  2. Test and Trials of Vintage Laptops

    AWESOME! I just downloaded some Windows 95 floppies (14 of them. I have a CD, but no drive in the laptop in question) for my Canon Notejet 486 laptop. Got it installed (the disks are preregistered to someone who worked at McDonalds), and grabbed my PCMCIA wireless NIC and driver disk. Came back, plugged it in, and loaded up the drivers, only to remember (duh) that I have to get the PCMCIA controller drivers installed first. d'oh! Well, the generic WIndows 95 drivers didn't work, and neither did ...
  3. A list of all the machines I've had (in probably chronological order)......

    The guitar forums make posts about guitars like this, figured I'd post my list of hardware I have/had....either way to kill time while a backup at work takes hours.

    Tandy 1000 SX - First computer
    Flight 386 SX
    GEM (386)
    Kat's old Frankenputer (AMD 5x86 PR-75)
    Packard Bell Legend 843+
    IBM PS/Valuepoint (Cyrix DX2/66)
    IBM PS/Valuepoint 425SX
    IBM PS/2 Model 70
    IBM Ps/2 Model 30 286
    Twinhead SlimNote 433DX/s - Laptop
    Twinhead SlimNote ...

    Updated August 26th, 2011 at 10:24 AM by Mad-Mike (Add more machines)

  4. AT&T Personal Terminal 510A

    Here we go. Another case of Mysterious Hardware from the 80's.
    So in the early 80's while AT&T was cranking out Unix PC's and PC6300 clones one of the neglected corners of their R&D lab decided to build a terminal for the home or the office desk. Obviously they ended up never being a commercially viable product and after a few years of poor sales they were withdrawn and have pretty much vanished from existance. It seems all that remains now are a few scant magazine articles that google ...
  5. Hacking a Compaq N410C in order to upgrade to 802.11n networking.

    So I have an old Compaq N410C laptop. Its a nice older laptop (though not vintage). The only problem with it is that it does not have built in wireless.

    I have been using a PC card Linksys A+B card to get in onto my network, but I recently discovered that this card does not support WPA, only WEP. This is no good since my network uses WPA which is much more secure than WEP and most of my other wireless clients have no issues with this.

    So its off to Google to do some ...
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