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  1. Tatung Einstein TC01 adventures

    Well, finally got around to powering up my TC01 last night.

    Whirred and clicked and displayed a steady display but with a white box on the right and corrupt text on the left.

    Typing commands caused the drive to read and the display changes, but still corrupt.

    This computer uses a Texas Instruments video processor called a TMS9129 which uses its own ram to store the display. This unit allows multiple overlays to display sprites and graphics. Given the ...
  2. More Amiga

    Well the Amiga appears to be fully working but the mouse is dead.

    All four signals from the optical receivers seem to work but the LM339 is only putting out one pulse train. Its a simple quad op amp so either saturates at 0 or +5 dependant upon if the input signal is high or low. The + side of each op amp is connected to the encoder with the other tied.
    25 on order (!, cheaper than 1) so will try a swap.

    BBC glitched again. A fautless day after replacing IC20, ...
  3. Happy days.

    today I received an Amiga A500.

    Slightly yellowed, but fully operational. Seems to have some sort of custom rom fitted as it comes up with a menu on start that I have never seen before, but appears to boot and shows the workbench.

    Also fixed my slightly glitchy BBC. IC20 was operating slow and not selecting the ROM's correctly when cold. Quick swap with a new 74LS139 and bingo, now running smoooth.

    Just remembered, I havent run the ribbon cable for the ...
  4. PAYPAL STILL USED MY BALANCE when I have funds in MULTIPLE Currencies + Bank Account

    Quote Originally Posted by inotarobot View Post
    PAYPAL USED MY BALANCE despite my SELECTING MY BANK ACCOUNT when I have MULTIPLE International Currencies set up

    I am SUPER SUPER Angry, in fact, HIGHLY LIVID with Paypal for their convoluted and contradictory way of their sites handling of user choosable Payment options, when one has multiple currencies selected and funds, other than one's home currency in their Balance.

    Note this above from their site says
  5. Netronics Explorer 85 S100 System

    Quote Originally Posted by nomisimon View Post
    Hello everyone

    Has anyone else got a Netronics Floppy 1-A controller with documentation?

    Maybe you have one in your computer.

    I have one and have a couple of questions; hoping someone here can help.


    Simon, Corbridge, UK
    Hi did you ever find anything?

    I have two CDC 8" floppy drives but no controller. Looking for one or any info on one.